Finishing: The golden key


There is a story about a big wood processing enterprise owner who has a big scale production factory, has a "fish, flesh, fowl and good red herring" finishing process, specializes in furniture exporting to big markets. However, he has to hire an enterprise to paint the front door when building his own house. The cost of painting this door is equal to the full set offer from other enterprises - painting, wood material and even labor cost. Why? Why does a man who knows the case very well have a confusing decision like this? The answer is passion. He wants to have more than a perfect product. And to fulfill it, the door has to have a treating progress to be more beautiful, attractive and durable. That is finishing (complete the surface) - "a magic" technique!

Being honest to the market, there are not many customers well know about wood. The people know wood well estimate about 7% people in the world and only 2% in Vietnam. The rest of this is conquered by appearance factors: the designs, color, surface...and the function, material go after that. This means the buying decision depends mostly on the surface. Many customers have willings to pay very high for furniture with beautiful and gorgeous outlook. That is the reason why finish is said to be a fashion coast for good furniture. So why don't we invest a little more for finishing technology to conquer the customer easier and sell with the higher price?

When calculating the number, if the product's surface has well treated, the exporting value can be increased from 10 to 100 percent. Years ago, finish was still a new word. Recently, it becomes more popular and indispensable factor for enterprises. However, this is just a normal and passive concern within the customer's requirement. There is just few enterprises have the advanced investment in this factor. When looking at the market, the number of enterprises with good finishing in Vietnam is not much. Unfortunately, increasing in this number will increase the exporting profit and the position of Vietnam in wood market also. When looking at every trend of each market, there are alway the differences in level, for example, the finishing color of furniture in American is darker than Europe market which prefers brighter one. All of this means if the enterprise has good finishing progress, he will have the flexibility and increase the variety to fit many diversity customers within the same product and material.

After being successfull in foreign markets, many Vietnam woodworking enterprises have the desire to conquer the domestic market but it still cannot come true. In the domestic market, the high end customers number increases very quickly. The manufactuerers have to adjust the working process, approaching method and finishing process to get the better connection to customer's heart. As we can say, the finishing definitely is the golden key to open many opportunities for Vietnam wood processing enterprises to increase not only quality but also value in domestic market as well as exporting one.

Source: HAWA.VN



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